MIKE RA (born June 02, 1990) is a Canadian songwriter and producer born in Toronto, Ontario. Attracted to writing at a young age, Mike was heavily influenced by his favorite artist, Tupac Shakur. He would spend countless hours writing his views of life on to paper until he finally turned his poetic rhymes into music. 

Mike began studying musical theory in his early 20's. This helped him to quickly develop his talents in music production. Influenced by artists like: Kanye West, and J Cole, Mike decided to join the new frontier of multi-dimensional artists. He learned how to play the piano as well as the electric and acoustic guitar. His open minded approach has given him the opportunity to connect with many professionals in the music business and launch his production company known as DXB Studios ©.

DXB Studios has worked discretely with various artists and independent labels alike. Whether you are a big company seeking music for your advertisement, a vlogger interested in syncing music to your videos, or an artist seeking music for your album, DXB Studios will have something for you.





My goal in creating DXB Studios at first was simply to deliver high-quality music to my listeners, but it seems to have transformed into something bigger.